Sunday, February 16, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

My devices are the iPad and an HTC Evo.

I was almost relieved to learn where the search function was on the iPad. After I updated to iOS 7, I kept swiping left to no avail. I use the search function quite a bit! I appreciate the quick access to basic functions from the bottom of the screen. As a media specialist, I am often asked to help staff manage their batteries on Apple products, so the battery information was quite useful.

The video on the HTC was designed for the HTC One, so my Evo didn't have quite a few of the functions. I found a video about the HTC Evo, and it was quite helpful. I moved some apps to the internal storage, played with some functions that I didn't know existed and learned a bit more about the camera app.