Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I added the Sitemeter HTML to this site to check it out. I have been using Google Analytics and Stat Counter on 2 other blogs I maintain. I like Google Analytics, but it's slower than Stat Counter. It has easier to understand information, which is why I lean a bit toward Google. I'm also a Google fan, so that helps.

On first glance, I like the way Sitemeter displays the most pertinent and understandable information on the first page. I have to dig a bit on Google.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Freezing. How appropriate

Well well. I set up this blog and it's almost -40 degrees out. Thus the name. I heart Minnesota.

This is my 4th blog. I have an old one on Xanga that I let go (Xanga doesn't play well with Firefox. I try not to use IE because I don't like supporting the big behemoth more than I have to) and I have a personal blog on Blogger. I set up a church blog last November, and am still coaxing members to post. It's hard to get non-techie people to post on a blog. I vaguely remember being a little hesitant when I first added a comment on some random blog, so it's understandable. Understandable, but frustrating!

It'll be fun to meet other folks doing the 23 Things project!